The Netflix Watchlist Number Game #2

Partly because I’m horrendous at picking what movie to watch, and because my UK Netflix watchlist continues exponentially growing, I occasionally have started a game called the ‘Netflix Watchlist Number Game’ to thin the nerd and deal with my indecisiveness in one fell swoop.

Below you’ll find my thoughts on a group of movies I watched in this round of the game, thanks to people who were invited on Twitter to pick a number between 1 and 223. On my Apple TV Netflix app, each film on the list is numbered so thanks to this randomised system, it becomes easier to watch something on the list I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen to view.

So my thanks to those I mention below for throwing me a number – maybe the rest of you will find a Netflix movie to check out you wouldn’t previously have considered.

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Welcome to the Black Hole

If you’re reading this, I know what you’re thinking – “not *another* blog, Tony!”

Expect to see my breakdowns of movies, TV shows, possibly some comics and film scores too. Plus any other feature articles or ramblings that may possess me.

Let’s do this thing.